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Tidespiral Merimbula2.jpg

Artist Statement

As an artist based in Tanja on the New South Wales Far South Coast, I hold a Bachelor of Visual Arts with a major in Sculpture from the Australian National University School of Art, under the guidance of head lecturers Ron Robertson-Swann and Ante Dabro.

To me, a successful work is one that reflects, resonates, and reconnects the viewer to a personal truth, meaningful only to themselves. It is this profound philosophy that drives my creative endeavors.

My artistic exploration revolves around the primal, innate emotions, and connections that may have become obscured or lost in our modern society. Through my art, I strive to reignite these deep-rooted human experiences, allowing viewers to reconnect with their own personal truths.
In recent years, I have delved deeply into the concept of this "primal connection," exploring it through a diverse range of materials. My works incorporate primitive glyph elements that evoke powerful emotional responses in those who engage with them.

The transformative power of scale holds great fascination for me. Often, I start by creating small models and ideas, envisioning them on a grander scale. It is remarkable how dramatically objects and landscapes change when magnified. This enlargement grants them an essence that surpasses ordinary dimensions, establishing a new dialogue between the viewer, myself, and the surrounding environment.

My artistic journey began in a creatively vibrant environment at a young age. Plasticine, with its infinite malleability, has remained a medium I continue to experiment with and allow ideas to emerge. Figurative aspects and relationships between elements frequently find their way into my work, showcasing my ongoing exploration of the human experience.

Ultimately, my artistic pursuit aims to transport viewers to a realm where they can reconnect with their primal selves, uncovering profound truths that resonate deeply within them. Through my sculptures, I aspire to facilitate a personal and transformative experience for each individual who engages with my art, reflecting, resonating, and reconnecting them to their own unique and meaningful personal truths.
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